Leeds United player ratings v Ipswich


Silvestri k
1. Marco Silvestri – First up and the hardest one for me to give a definite score against. The Ipswich goal if we are being critical you shouldn’t be getting beat at your near post, especially if you get a hand to it. Later on from that he effectively wins us the game with a great penalty save. Marco is up for player of the month for February, I don’t know how likely it is for a keeper to win it but his performance live on sky v Boro should help.
Match Rating 8

Leeds the Line – evaluating our strikers

So yet another winter transfer window has come and gone just over halfway through the season and Leeds have scored 30 goals in the league level with Brighton (21st) and five teams with less goals (Blackpool 22 (24th), Millwall 26 (22nd), Charlton 25 (18th) , Wigan 26 (23rd) & Sheff W 21 (10th) All teams are around the bottom apart from Wednesday who bar Middlesbrough have the best Goals Against record and level with Derby County. Both teams looking like they will be shoe ins for the promotion race. Goals win you games, Leeds United need to score more goals so far this season we have scored 1.07 goals per game and conceded 1.39 leaving a difference of 0.32 per game. That got me thinking how do we score more goals. We seem to have the style and way of playing set up for us to do well, from here on it’s about personnel. For me we have a good range of strikers that offer different things and apart from the new lad Cani who I can only go by what has been said about him it will come down to who we pick on the day vs the opponent, playing strengths against weaknesses. Ideally we need to score more and concede less. What are the strengths of what we have and where are these goals going to come from should we get out of the relegation battle.

Redfearn in high spirits ahead of the Birmingham game – but will United be unchanged?

Cooper k

A draw away at Bolton last time out should be seen as a good point picked up on the road, but with the position we’re in we should be fighting tooth and nail to win these sort of games; you could say we had enough chances to win yet could have so easily lost it. I was bemused with the decision to drop Mirco Antenucci to the bench and call up Steve Morison to the starting XI. He’s our top scorer and his runs behind the Bolton defence would’ve given us another dimension and them something different to think about. As it was Redfearn only made one substitution in the 86th minute, bringing on Alex Mowatt.

That’s all in the past now and we’ve got to look ahead to the Birmingham game where we are desperate for 3 points, something we haven’t achieved since the end of November last year. I’m worried about relegation but a result on Saturday could put a 5 point gap between us and Millwall – the team currently sitting 22nd, one place and two points behind us. Redfearn said in his pre-match interview that he has “no favourites” in terms of playing personnel and that the current XI have got to “keep their shirts”. He also said that the 4-2-3-1 system we have recently adopted has given the squad “spirit and renewed confidence”.

Here is the team that I think Neil Redfearn will pick for the game on Saturday.

How have the future of Leeds performed?


Leeds United are known for many things, one of the more positive factors is our academy. We typically see a new hero emerge every season, Alex Mowatt last season, Sam Byram the year before and now Lewis Cook has arrived on the scene. When you throw Charlie Taylor and Chris Dawson into the mix, there’s a good number of academy prospects in the squad. But how have they fared this season?

Cellino talks, but is it what we want to hear?


Massimo Cellino gave his first interview since arriving back in England from his third holiday this season.


Firstly, I want to point out the issue with that. He often refers to himself as the manager of Leeds United. So why is he off on holiday so frequently instead of managing us? It’s ridiculous. It must have been a lovely break for him, it is a great shame that we fans have not felt as relaxed, eh? Whilst away, presumably resting up before his appeal was heard, doubts within the fan base have started to grow, and from the fans I have witnessed, there has been a definite shift in the confidence that was held in Cellino. His interview with Simon Austin certainly didn’t help.

The first big statement that worried me within the article was the following, after insisting he did not fear relegation – “It would not be a disaster. It is a disaster when you are starving or have a terminal illness. I am not worried about that.”

Now, I am not for one second saying that I feel he honestly would not be that bothered if we were relegated. Of course he would. It would signal the failure of his two year plan, whilst only being halfway into it. It would be a huge failure, not only for Leeds, but for Massimo’s image. A man who holds his representation with such high esteem would be crumbling inside if he knew he had yet again failed to deliver. So in that sense, I feel he literally just meant that the world would not end if Leeds got relegated. He’s right. It wouldn’t. Does that mean he should say it? Of course not. He is running a club which is already full of doubts and worries. Playing down relegation is not a good move. At all. Sometimes the man really needs to think before speaking, which brings me on to my second issue with the interview.

This issue is within regards to Stephen Warnock. There was a lot of debate on twitter when Phil Hay announced that Warnock was likely to be leaving Leeds amidst a possible relegation battle, with many defending Massimo on the grounds that Warnock may have wanted to leave. Now, before I discuss what was said in the interview, I would just like to point out that if Warnock definitely wanted to leave Leeds, would you blame him? He certainly isn’t 21st in the Championship quality, that’s for sure. Right, so what did Massimo say? Did Warnock want to leave? Well, seemingly not. Massimo revealed that Warnock had approached Cellino on Saturday, with the hopes of signing a new two year deal (Warnock is out of contract at the end of this season). Massimo stood firm. He has a strict rule for players over 30. They will only be offered a 1 year deal at most.

Mirco Antenucci, a now 30 year old forward at Leeds, was offered a 2 year deal, just a month before his 30th birthday. Now, this keeps within Massimo’s rules, that’s fine, despite Antenucci technically having a 23 month contract from the age of 30.

Warnock has since left the club to join promotion hopefuls Derby County, and we have lost our captain and one of the most experienced players in our team.

I also do not appreciate the sly little comments Cellino made about Warnock in the interview – “and is often complaining.” He’s gone Massimo, and the majority are upset that he has gone. Stop trying to save face and make it look like others were in the wrong. You may have screwed up big time here, we’ll just have to wait and see.

I would now like to draw attention to the watermelon reference, again. A manager is not a watermelon, Massimo. You don’t just “find out what they are like when you open them”. You scout for coaches just like you would do for players. Then again, that may explain his ‘stab in the dark’ policy for player recruitment, I guess. On the manager front, however, it was refreshing to hear he wasn’t planning to sack Redfearn just yet, which although sounds disappointing given our poor form and Redfearn’s unexplainable use of substitutions, it gives a sense of stability to the club. Something we haven’t had since Massimo walked through the door.

Moving swiftly on to Luciano Becchio. Our Argentinian Prince. In the interview Massimo said “We love Becchio and made a big mistake when we let him go.” Yes, Massimo, we did make a mistake and we do indeed love him. We. Not you. Trying to sugar-coat ignoring Redfearn’s wishes with the ‘love card’ is ridiculous. Becchio is not another pawn in your PR game of chess, no one bought the fake love there, my friend. Stop trying too hard. I do understand his reasoning’s for rejecting Becchio, however.  He is older now and has been injured recently. That’s all true. Nevertheless, would Becchio really be that bad of an option? He gives our team another plan rather than just pretty little passes on the ground that lead to nothing. He wouldn’t score any less than our strikers have scored recently. So, is there that much of a risk? I certainly don’t think so.

Later on in the interview it was revealed that Cellino said – “The main thing I have learnt is that the Championship is a lot harder than the second division in Italy.” Brilliant. Finally, he is learning from his mistakes. Yes? Well why are we still being linked with rejects from the Italian leagues then? That is NOT what we need right now. We know it. Redfearn knows it. Massimo even said he knows it. So why is he making the same mistake, again?

Simon Austin then revealed the rest of the interview later on that day, and a key quote I took from it was the following, “I know who I am and I am not a dishonest guy. When I came to England, I saw it as the country of justice and fairness.” Well, I beg to differ. Here are just some of the offences Massimo has been involved in since taking over in Cagliari, just over two decades ago: Defrauded the EU out of £7.5million, evaded import duty on 2 yachts, failure to pay import duty on a range rover, may have possibly embezzled funds during the Stadium saga back in Italy, the same case may face a corruption trial, he was accused of doping offences and using violent threats against his own players, was involved in and/or had knowledge of match-fixing in Italy during two separate seasons and he avoided paying tax during the sale of two players. So, is Massimo that honest of a man? Really? If Massimo miraculously wins this current appeal, or if he does return to Leeds in March, I predict nothing but issues for our beloved club. Unwanted, doubt-increasing issues. Is that really what we deserve after the reigns of Bates and GFH?

I implore you to consider all of these previous circumstances and really consider the issues and trials Massimo faces in the future and ask yourself, will we be successful under this man? Whatever you decide you will of course be considered a Leeds United fan, and treated accordingly. We all want the best for our club, I just personally feel Massimo is the barman, continuously passing us the vodka so we can forget the past and stay happy. I do not trust the man with my club.

Leeds linked with Albanian striker


Leeds United have been linked with Albanian forward, Edgar Cani, according to Phil Hay of the Yorkshire evening post.


Cani, 25, is a 6’4” forward, currently playing for Catania in Serie B. He has featured a total of 14 times this season, scoring 3 goals.

The link was revealed via Twitter, when Phil Hay tweeted – “Another player who it appears Leeds are looking at – Edgar Cani, a 6’4” Albanian striker at Catania.”

Cani has international experience for with Albania, recording 15 international caps and scoring 4 goals. Since 2013, he has not featured for his national side.

He has spent the majority of his career within the Italian leagues, but has also featured 34 times for Ekstraklasa side, Polonia Warsaw. Here he netted 13 times. His club career totals are as follows: 188 appearances in 8 seasons, scoring a total of 40 goals.

Many have already likened him to Matt Smith, Leeds’ former frontman who left for Fulham in the previous transfer window. Smith scored 14 goals during his 42 game career at the Whites.

As it stands, Leeds are yet to reveal any incomings to the club during this January transfer window.

So, who exactly are Leeds linked with?


It is fair to say that over the years, Leeds have been linked with every Tom, Dick and Harry about, but this season we might actually bring some of them in.

There has been little in the way of stone-cold deals going through (bar the apparent Warnock move to Derby), however there has been a fair few rumours flying about. It is clear to us fans where we need to strengthen, but whether or not those in charge of signing the players agree is a different matter entirely.

This article will be used to give my personal assessment on some of the players we have been linked with. I will also include some fans opinions for each player that I gained from our favourite social media platform, Twitter.

Warnock to leave Elland Road?


According to Phil Hay of the Yorkshire Evening Post, Leeds United have been approached by an unnamed Championship club over the purchase of current captain, Stephen Warnock.


Warnock, 33, joined Leeds on transfer deadline day, back in January 2013 and has since appeared a total of 56 times for the club, scoring on three occasions. His consistency throughout this season led to him recently receiving the captaincy.

Phil Hay broke the news over twitter, after saying – “Hearing tonight that a Championship club have made an approach for #lufc captain Stephen Warnock. Discussions are on-going.

“Warnock’s out of contract at the end of the season. Move not agreed yet but high likelihood that he’ll leave.”

Reports earlier in the season suggested that Warnock and Cellino’s relationship had soured due to a disagreement over where Warnock should live. With other underlying issues, such as Warnock’s high wage and his goal celebration at Bolton, it was likely that Warnock would be exiting Elland Road this season. However, the disbelief among certain fans will be the timing in which Warnock may leave.

Leeds are currently 21st in the table, with a tough run of fixtures ahead, the loss of a player with Warnock’s level of experience may prove to be fatal come May.

Our club is slowly but surely confirming itself as a joke


The Leeds United soap opera is something that we are all accustomed too, chaotic owners, an embarrassing football team and a managerial merry-go-round, this season, however, has seen all three of these things bought to the forefront in an overwhelming fashion and has ripped apart our fan base like nothing I can remember.

Firmly, for myself, and an ever-growing number of Leeds fans are well and truly awakening to where the blame belongs and that is firmly at the door of our “President” Massimo Cellino. Firstly, let’s roll back to the January transfer deadline day of 2014. A deal had been agreed for Cellino to take over pending a football league fit and proper persons test, which he subsequently failed. He fired our manager, which he had absolutely no right to do as he wasn’t in charge of the club at the time, tried to bring in players which also failed as he had no right to do. Started off on the wrong foot and is still doing whatever he likes, and nothing in the best interest of the club.
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