Leeds United’s away kit is finally released, what are your thoughts?

Leeds have today released a YELLOW away kit, yes yellow. I personally think it is the best we have had for years and would like to know your thoughts. away kit

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The Circus Continues at Leeds United

A sweet sense of stability was slowly starting to fill Leeds United. Results were improving, players felt rejuvenated and very little off-the-pitch news was seeping through. The calm before the storm, maybe?


Let me set the scene. It’s late March, Leeds have won three of their last five, and are undefeated in all of those five games. Safety is all but secured. A new lease of life was found within previously exiled players. A new formation had been adopted. Fans were beginning to enjoy the season, at long last. It had been a good two months under Matt Child’s regime, but the life-long Leeds fan was to become the unintentional ‘catalyst to crazy’.

Child’s resignation sparked a fuse within Leeds United, through no fault of his own, which reignited the lunacy we had previously witnessed within the opening months of the campaign. He was the trustworthy Captain, steering our misguided ship away from further heartbreak.

So, with it all going so well on the pitch, why did Child leave? Without knowing for certain, I couldn’t possibly make any rash claims, however, it does make you wonder. Why would a lifelong Leeds fan quit from his own team? Perhaps, Child knew what was coming. Maybe he knew the impending implosion within our club. Or maybe he felt forced out.

Simon Austin stated in his blog post regarding the matter – “The final straw came when he was informed, by Umbers, that there would be no room for him in the directors’ suite for the matches against Fulham or Blackpool.” Maybe that was the case. Maybe he felt left out and let down by the club he had spent his life following. Whatever the reason, what was to come was completely unexpected.

The news broke yesterday that Steve Thompson, Leeds United Assistant Coach, had been suspended. Within the letter to Thompson, he was told that he has been suspended until the end of the season and the option to retain him thereafter will not be taken by the club. On hearing this news I eagerly awaited the lowdown from Phil and Popey, but no one knew. There were no signs that this was coming. No initial reasons were given. Utter confusion and disappointment. Then Leeds released an official statement:

“The Director of Football, Nicola Salerno, has today (April 2) suspended the assistant coach Steve Thompson from his duties at the club. This is an internal matter and the club will make no further comment on this internal issue.”

Before I comment on the content, let me first comment on the statement itself. How pitiful. This was an opportunity for our club to shed a little light into the manic nature in which it has been so often run, and they failed. I’m not asking for the complete story, but I think us fans deserve more than 39 words when explaining that our Assistant Coach, of whom players like Luke Murphy were rejuvenated by, has been suspended at such a random time.

Right, the statement. Blame has been solely placed on Salerno here, but is it him that has made the decision? There have been talks that Salerno himself may be on his way out of the club, so why suspend one of our greatest acquisitions this season? In the letter, which in true Leeds fashion contained some funny misspellings, it was stated that Thompson had not carried out his duties. Weird considering Redfearn had always seemed happy with his performance at the club. There must only be one reason for it. Like a villain in a superhero movie, Umbers swept in and created chaos.

“Why Umbers? His signature wasn’t on the letter” I hear you cry. The link is quite simple, and was perfectly shown by Simon Austin. Umbers would commit Leeds United suicide if he were to punish Redfearn, so next in line to feel the wrath of Umbers was unfortunately Steve Thompson. But wait a minute. Why would Umbers want to punish Redfearn? Well, this is where Mr Antenucci comes into play. Or not into play.

Antenucci was signed at the start of the season on an incentivised contract. This contract stated that if Antenucci scored 12 goals in the campaign, he would trigger a one year extension clause. Firstly, if you don’t want a player to trigger a clause based on goals, DON’T SET THE TARGET AS LOW AS 12. Jesus.

Secondly, why would this cause an issue for Redfearn? Well, Umbers had previously told Redfearn that Antenucci, the club’s top goal scorer, was not to be picked as he was only two from his clause target. Ridiculous right? With Redfearn recently coming out stating his contract has a clause meaning that he full control over the team selection, only to then being told not to pick a player, well you can see why he may be a little annoyed. Good move, Umbers.

The timing of the announcement was impeccable, as always, with Redfearn set to attend a weekly, pre-game press conference shortly after. As soon as Redfearn was late, we knew something was up. Was he even going to show up at all? SKY with their “unconfirmed” sources were reporting that Redfearn had taken his last training session at Leeds. Surely not?

Redfearn eventually arrived and took his seat at the conference. However, his frustration was clear, and signs of a possible departure started to show, the press conference didn’t fill me with hope as Redfearn stated (as summarised by Phil Hay):

Steve’s been suspended. For what, I don’t know. I don’t understand it.

It seems a really strange decision and I’m bitterly disappointed.

“It’s unbalancing the stability that we had. It goes against everything we’re doing.

“I’ve got to have a real hard think. Where before it was a no brainer (to stay) I’ve got to have a think.

“It is undermining. You’re trying to put something together in the belief that you’re getting the backing.”

It is worrying times at Leeds United, still. Will our ownership (or at least those put in place to run things day to day) ever stop to think about how this is impacting us fans? How our beloved club has been tortured and continuously dragged through the mud whilst other clubs stand there and laugh.

It’s embarrassing, I want to be proud of the club as a whole, not just the players we have one season and the exact same players that are then gone the next. We need someone or something inside the club, making sure things run smoothly, just like Matt Child did. I mean, imagine having one or even two lifelong Leeds fans on the board, making decisions to benefit the club and fans in general. Now just what organisation is looking to do that…?

Leeds Fans CBS launched themselves yesterday, with the hope of raising £10million with intention to purchase a minority stake in Leeds United, our club. From Tuesday 7th April, fans can invest between £100 and £10,000. Dylan Thwaites, Chief Executive, stated:

“We want to get the largest possible number of people on board and in doing so make this the biggest fan fundraise ever seen in the UK. We know how often Leeds fans have been let down in the past, and we think this chance for supporters to work together to return Leeds United Football Club to its glory days may be the last”.

Leeds Fans CBS is the first of three fundraising initiatives launched by the group, with further initiatives for those wanting to invest more being launched later in the month. The organisation already has the support of some Leeds legends, including Allan Clarke and more recently Lucas Radebe who tweeted his support towards the initiative.

This may not be everybody’s cup of tea, in fact some of you may think that it just won’t work, but think about it. Why wouldn’t it work? The money is virtually entirely safe if a purchase cannot be made. It’s an initiative for all of the fans, despite some thinking it is just for those seeking personal glory. It is an attempt to reunite the fanbase. To tear down the barriers placed over ownership opinions. It’s worth a shot, what else does this carcass of a great club have to lose?

With all that said, the focus now is on the game against Blackburn tomorrow. A win could guarantee safety and leave us to enjoy the remaining games of the season. Finally, there will be a minute silence before this game in memory of Christopher Loftus and Kevin Speight, who sadly lost their lives 15 years ago this coming Sunday. Tributes have also been produced by fans to show their memory will never be forgotten.

Cellino confirms Redfearn exit


Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino has today confirmed that Neil Redfearn will not be continuing in his current role as first-team coach once this season is over. The news may ruffle a few feathers in the United camp and with the fans, especially given our excellent form in the second half of the season, but this doesn’t appear to bother Cellino, as we’ve already seen with some of his bizarre decisions during his short tenure.

Redfearn doesn’t deserve the treatment he’s received from Cellino, he steadied the ship in his first spell in charge after David Hockaday’s disastrous appointment. Second time around he’s brought the club out of the relegation mire and into a comfortable mid-table position. Just take a look at the form table from the last 10 matches, it just proves how bad we were in the first half of the season, and how well Redfearn has done with pretty much the same group of players.

Form table last 10

I’m genuinely disappointed by Cellino’s decision. In my opinion he should’ve been given at least the first six months of next season to get it right. With a couple of wingers, who knows what we could do under Redfearn’s leadership? Not even the fans will change his mind, though, so we’ve got to move on and hope that his next appointment is a good one. I hope he doesn’t try and experiment again, like with both Hockaday and Darko Milanic. I’d like to see someone with Championship experience, someone who will bring good, attractive football, and someone who can tell Cellino what really needs to be done.

What are your thoughts on the breaking news from today? Is Cellino’s decision not to extend Redfearn’s contract the correct one, let us know by commenting below. We would really appreciate your views, and may even put them in a reaction type article.

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Leeds must keep core group together


Leeds United’s turn around in form this year has been nothing short of spectacular. I’d give the credit mainly to Neil Redfearn, he’s done an amazing job of turning our season around when relegation looked a possibility. Redfearn is part of the core group which I’m referring to, the sooner he gets a new contract the better. The others are the four academy lads, Byram, Mowatt, Cook and Taylor who have all been instrumental to our good form. Luke Murphy, along with Bellusci (I know!) and Bamba are also vital. Any of them that need contract extensions should be given them and they should be certs to play next season.

I think if we keep these players together, especially Cook, Mowatt and Byram for even just one more year, we can get promoted. There’s no doubt that teams will be interested in all three of them but if they just give us one year, which won’t damage them at all, we can get promoted. This formation is good enough for promotion, if we kept the aforementioned players, we’d just need to sign two wingers, one to play on the left and a back up for Byram, a goalscorer (a striker who scores goals, mad I know) and a few more squad players. I think a strong central midfielder would also be a good purchase, because I don’t think Bianchi is up to it and we can’t really on the midfielders we have now to play every single game. I still think Becchio could perform for us, in this formation but ideally a strong striker with power who can actually score goals (sorry Steve).

Cellino is not helping matters at the moment, he needs to step up or sell the club now, we can’t have another wasted summer. I find it hard to believe that Cook, Byram and Mowatt would stay for more than one year in this league the way things are going. They should all be given 4 year contracts really, at a minimum. The Redfearn situation is stressful, they’ve told him to sort out preseason which is a good sign but his value is going up every week and he’s out of contract at the end of the season, we cannot lose him. Obviously it would be amazing to be promoted in any sort of way but with someone like Redders in charge it would be 100x better. On the owner front, all I require from the next owner is that they understand Leeds United and that they use the fans well, not just do everything their own way. If things go well in the next few months, we could have a real chance next season. As I said at the start, I think keeping the core group of players and Redfearn is pivotal.


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