10 potential attackers Leeds United could sign

It’s going to be a summer of change once again for Leeds United. I still think we need four to six players to even think about competing for a top half finish.

We could go into a season without any natural wingers for the second consecutive year. January last year looked promising when we signed Cameron Stewart and Jimmy Kebe. Both failed miserably – Kebe is back at Crystal Palace and Stewart has joined Championship side Ipswich Town.

We also need a “replacement” for Ross McCormack after his £11 million move to Fulham.

Here are 10 players we feel who would dramatically improve the side, bringing either goals or width – both of which we need. Continue reading


What’s the over-riding feeling this Leeds fan is getting from the Cellino regime? I think there were several hints last season, as soon as il Capitano entered the building. The guy doesn’t suffer fools, doesn’t like to fanny about, and has a built-in bullshit detector. In a nutshell, he’s not a man for nonsense. And that’s an ethos that seems to be shaping our club, and hopefully our new team. Continue reading

Sam Byram as a winger and the new shape of the squad

So we’re about 3 weeks away from the start of the 2014/15 season and the new look Leeds United is really beginning to take shape. I think we’ve all had our fair share of skepticism, I know I certainly have. However as we roll closer and closer to the starting line I have to say that I’m also starting to see the method to The Don’s madness. It looks like the gaps in the squad being slowly filled in with new goalkeepers, new defenders and if we land Fredrico Viviani (at the time of writing this it’s still not certain) we may finally have that creativeness in midfield that we’ve been craving. Now aside from the lack of a new star striker, which I’ve heard may come in the form of French Ligue 2 ace Andy Delort, I still feel we’re missing the component that we’ve all been wanting and people know what it is already, wingers. Continue reading

Optimism at last….

The last few months have been frustrating as we approached a new era, I admit that I had the hump at the end of the season, as yet another campaign fizzled out, but I feel kinda optimistic, and kind of hopeful. Looking back when Neil Warnock was appointed I thought yes, (never liked the man his teams always seemed to win against us) but I thought we had a chance of promotion. Brian McDermott did n’t come over as the most passionate of manager, but he grew on me, got Ross playing and with a bit of money I thought we would at least make the play-offs. The signings of Kebe and Stewart did n’t help!

Then nothing, no news, no players and no manager. We seemed to be a laughing-stock.

Now it has started.

We have signed 3 or 4, and more to come, the quality of which is to be decided, and looking at how our owner operates I guess if they don’t produce then there will be replacements. I don’t blame him for shopping where he knows best, and we got good money for McCormack. So positive start Mr President, would just like to see some proven quality, not lads passed their sell by date, or unproven possibles, as with most clubs we are going to need a 20 goal tally from one or more if we are to push upwards.

Dave Hockaday, still not sure how he got the job, but good luck to him, if he succeeds then we succeed. I’ve not seen many try to fail, and I think he’s going to need as much support as we can give him.

No, I’ve gone from doom and gloom, now is the time to be positive, I feel at least we have an owner with money and some knowledge, someone with passion, and the club at heart. I hope that we are competitive and if we can add a bit of quality who knows where we will be.

Yes optimism is returning, come on Leeds….

Pre-season looking good for Leeds as more new faces arrive

Over the past few weeks we have had some pre-season friendlies and we have another right around the corner on Tuesday. For the first two friendlies, Leeds have been concentrating on fitness and stamina so far and the team is still finding ways to win.

Last season, Leeds went through the majority of their friendlies struggling to find wins against Walsal, Ferenavarcos, FC Domzale, and FC Nurnberg. I know that these matches are “only friendlies” however, I’d like to see both sides, our “A” and “B” squads get out, put some passes together, and score. I feel like we may see a bit more class and a few more goals heading into Tuesday’s match at Mansfield Town. Head Coach Dave Hockaday has made it clear going forward; he is having the team work on getting the ball down, improving the team chemistry, and passing. He knows that the team shouldn’t have to rely on Matt Smith alone to get the ball in the back of the net as the team relied so much on Ross McCormack last season.
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